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Markiss McFadden

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Markiss McFadden

Founder of McFadden Family Films


SATURDAY April 28, 2018

8:00 am - 11:00 am



Markiss started off his career as an actor only in 2009. He is known for his role in Michael Bay's “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon,” where he played the baby-faced soldier alongside actor Josh Duhamel.

Immediately after shooting "Transformers," Markiss was determined and decided to create his own production company called McFadden Family Films.
Markiss wrote, produced, starred and directed his first feature film, titled “Love Triangle.” The film is still currently successful and will be released on DVD Nov. 7. The film has won more than a dozen awards on the film festival circuit. The success of “Love Triangle” drew many filmmakers to McFadden Family Films to get their film projects moving forward.
Since “Love Triangle,” Markiss has directed and/or produced five features and three shorts. Many have yet to be released. His most recent film, “Executor,” which he produced and starred in alongside Paul Sorvino (“Goodfellas”) and Mischa Barton (“The Sixth Sense” and the TV series “The O.C.”), was released in September 2017.
Feature Films list
Love Triangle 2013
Executor 2017
Stronghold 2018
Shock 2017
All I Ever Wanted 2016

Short Film List
Daywalker: Blade Origins 2016
Vengeance 2016

Pre-Production List
Love Triangle Karma
Rise Of Catwoman
Wolverine Origins
Untitled Sci - FI
Untitled Horror
Markiss McFadden
McFadden Family Films



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