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Celebrating BLACK Film Makers!


  • The LVBFF is primarily organized to celebrate the works of Black Filmmakers from all over the world.  We welcome 'ALL' to enjoy this innovative cultural celebration.


  • We will highlight narrative feature films, documentary, short films, aspiring Actors and Screenwriters.  It is the 'First' Black Film Festival in the Las Vegas area.  Our goal is to reward artistic excellence in independent filmmaking.


  • With groundbreaking diversity at its core, the festival supports aspiring filmmakers, actors, and industry executives in unique ways.  In addition to its cinematic showcases, the LVBFF will build confidence with its attendees in a variety of disciplines, offering workshops, talent competitions, panel discussions, symposiums and seminars. 


  • Poised to present the First Annual 'Las Vegas' Black Film Festival in what is unarguably the Entertainment Capital of the World. Featuring upscale entertainment and exclusive social events to complete an uncharted festival experience.


  • It is our expectation that we will attract A-list Artists, Directors, Industry Executives, Studios and film fans, for the First Annual LVBFF, and provide a platform for companies to reach this trail blazing group of young enterprising and established filmmakers.


  • We seek the support of 'All', particularly corporations and local businesses both large and small to engage in sponsorships, partnerships and donations to the festival to promote their products, services and culturally diverse initiatives.  


  • This support will fuel the evolution of the LAS VEGAS BLACK FILM FESTIVAL and further the growth of Black independent filmmakers.

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