Dear Ms. Michelle,

I returned home with filled with enthusiasm and excitement from my experience at the 2nd Annual Las Vegas Black Film Festival. Ms. Michelle, you and your team really put together a magnificent celebration of talented Black independent filmmakers.

As I mentioned, I think the festive venue and the organizational structure is extremely supportive and inclusive of a wide variety of concerns independent filmmakers; creating access opportunities to an audience and industry business representatives, confronted as obstacles in mainstream industry. Your festival positively supports the interest of Black independent filmmakers. I really appreciate the all-inclusive design of the festival, which accommodates a full range of Black independent filmmakers' needs and concerns-both in the business and artistic sectors of the industry.

I especially owe Ms. Michelle, Ladonna and the festival staff a deep sense of gratitude for making me so welcomed; a feeling I will always remember and pass it on to my fellow filmmakers in the Washington DC area. It was a total surprise to me when "Silk and Thorns" was selected to represent The Best Screenplay Award for the 2015 Las Vegas Black Film Festival. I never expected it but, it is something? of which I am profoundly? proud, honored and humbled.

Thank you Ms. Michelle and thank you to all the great staff for this wonderful experience.

Alonzo Crawford (a.k.a.) Z0 

I Had a wonderful time at the LAS Vegas Black Film Festival!
The Tommy Ford Actors Boot Camp was such an invaluable part of my son Braxton's development as an actor. Tommy imparted a new level of understanding that he will never forget and challenged him in ways he has never experienced. This was so vital for his future & career as well as his
journey towards perfecting his craft! Tommy proved he really cares about these talented aspiring actors by going
over an hour & a half past the allotted 2 hrs to spend time with them giving many helpful nuggets & tips to bring out the best in all of them. His time and expertise was greatly appreciated.

The Actor's Showdown was a fun & awesome display of extraordinary talent! What a great platform for these actors to show their stuff and receive priceless critiques from industry professionals who really know their stuff!
Simply amazing! Thank you!



Actor's Showdown​

2018 Actors Showdown


Don't Miss this exciting Signature Event / Reality TV Show Competition



Where  talented Actors will compete in a boxing ring with their best 3 minute monologues for Title: HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION of the LVBFF


Actors Showdown WINNERS!


Bryan Moore



Lester Greene



Terrance C. Washington



Kayla "JOIE" Williams

2015 Champion

Terrance C. Washington

Year 1


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